Maso Bergamini

Welcome to Maso Bergamini.  Our estate and vineyards are located upon the hills north of Trento, amongst rolling terraces that are planted with our vines,  gently sloping down to the town in the valley.

Our estate-grown grapes are vinified by the owner of our winery, oenologist Remo Tomasi.

Within our 17th century villa (Maso) the large hall has been lovingly restored into a fine restaurant, decorated with elegant rural furnishing from the region.  Mrs. Tomasi invites our guests to sample her exquisite dishes, based on traditional regional Trentino recipes, selected especially to complement our unique range of wines.

Organic Certification

What are certified organic grapes? They are grapes grown without using insecticides and/or synthetic plant health care products. Control of and protection against grape fungi (such as downy and powdery mildews) is achieved thanks to cupric products and sulphur exclusively. Copper dosage is calculated by administering a maximum of 28 kg of metal copper per hectare in 7 years, resulting in a treatment of controlled micro doses of Bordeaux mixture combined with sulphur.  Grapevine Moth is treated organically too, namely with sex pheromone traps leading to effective mating disruption. Finally, infesting plants are countered strictly with inter-row clipping and soil tillage.

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