No phytosanitary crop protection is applied to our vineyards: fungal pathogens are treated with mine sulphur and copper microdoses exclusively.

Weed is contained with inter-row mowing and harrowing operations, which do not require the use of herbicides.Our fertilising system is strictly natural, based on organic matter such as manure, rather than chemicals.

Vinification is obtained from spontaneous fermentation only and results from processes aimed at guaranteeing the highest level of purity of our product.Our formula is synonym of genuineness, as our wines are free of phytosanitary residues and allergens of animal origin.

Following a careful inspection by the ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification), which included analysis of leaves, grapes and bottled wine, our entire production process has been granted the ICEA-Bologna certification of conformity

Our Wines

Spumante Trento DOC
Spumante Trento DOC Rosé
Metodo Ancestrale ``Sgris``
Riesling Renano
Pinot Nero
Le Cesene
Moscato Rosa
Spumante Demi-Sec Moscato Rosa