At Maso Bergamini we grow our Traminer grapes in a new, specially created vineyard that we’ve recently planted in the hamlet of Localitá Villamontagna.

This south facing vineyard sits at an altitude of 600 metres and our grapes grow in a soil composed of limestone and clay. We purposely reduce the Traminer grape production to only 7 tonnes per hectare to increase the quality of the grapes used for our unique wine. We harvest these grapes at their peak when they are fully ripened and have obtained their characteristic copper colour.

You just need to look at the colour of our Traminer wine to understand immediately it’s excellence – the rich golden colour resembles gold itself.

The bouquet of our Traminer is an aromatic triumph, with hints of honey, candied fruit and peaches balanced by a delicate undertone of roses. The palette of the wine is warm and rich and the stronger alcohol content brings a wide and rounded pleasantness that keeps the wonderful promises made by it’s pleasant bouquet.