Our Lagrein wine is made using grapes from the new Bergamini vineyards, which have been created from three different clones of vines from the noble Lagrein variety.

Lagrein is a much appreciated variety of red wine, although vineyards planted with Lagrein vines are not very common. This is mainly due to the difficulty in obtaining consistently good harvests.

In the summer our luxuriant Lagrein vines are accurately polled and stripped so that the grapes can benefit from the dry and windy micro-climate at Maso Bergamini.  This delays the maturity of the grapes, which is also delayed by the elongated form and the consistency of the grapes themselves.

The grapes are harvested between the end of October and the beginning of November. The Must is fermented on top of its own skins lasts for two weeks and  is then pressed using our ancient technique of wine pressing. During this process a set percentage of the Lagrein Must is removed in order to obtain a better skin-must ratio.

The wine is left to mature in stainless-steel tanks for 12 months before being bottled and left to refine in the bottle for a further three to four months.

This garnet-red wine combines the delicate aromas of violet and small fruit such as blueberry, blackberry and raspberry. Dry and full bodied, this wine is harmonious, very pleasant and particular. Our Lagrein goes well with game dishes and mature cheeses.

Best served at 18°-20°C.  Lagrein can age for many years.