Le Cesene

Le Cesene: Maso Bergamini’s latest creation.

In Autumn 2010, this spectacular desert wine was born from experimenting with over ripening a selection of our finest grapes in one of our Rhine Riesling vineyards.

We were rewarded by our hard work and a good season.  In November with the first frosts we harvested the best selection of the remaining grapes with the mould ”botritis nobile”.

These grapes have been used to produce “Le Cesene”, a sweet wine that is intensely aromatic and complex, thanks to the effect of the mould in the grapes.

“Le Cesene” is a good wine for meditation and is extremely intriguing when drunk.  Best accompanied by cheeses with honey.

The label depicts fieldfares eating the November grapes.  The arrival of these migrants birds (turdus pilares) in our vineyards coincides with the ideal moment for the late harvest of the grapes which make our new wine “ Le Cesene”.