Pinot Nero

The Maso Bergamini Pinot Nero is produced from our vineyard that we have planted with the exceptional French clones 115 and 667 of the Pinot Noir variety. The vineyard is West facing and produces reduced amounts at harvest time.

The vigorous fermentation required for Pinot Nero is done in open barrels, helped in the initial stages by submerging the marc (pips and skins) in the must and then  re-passing the must over the grape dregs. We perform this process several times in order to achieve the desired result.

The wine is drawn off after 7-8 days and the new wine completes its fermentation  in French oak barrels and furthermore in stain and steal ones.  After the fermentation is complete and a short refinement process has been applied, the wine is lightly filtered and bottled.

Our Pinot Nero has the same ruby colour of mature cherries; it delights the nose with a prominent scent of wild berries; it’s exceptional tastes and textures are  smooth and fruity with a pleasantly long flavour finale of raspberries and black cherries.