Riesling Renano

The Riesling vine originates in the Rhine valleys of Germany and is universally considered one of the more prestigious and aristocratic wines in the white aromatic wine category.

It is a very demanding vine to grow and can only be planted in very specific locations. The Riesling vine prefers shaly and volcanic soil types and also requires a cool micro-climate that can only be found in high hilly terrain.

Maso Bergamini grows it’s own Riesling at an altitude of 550 metres in a volcanic soil which creates a very fragrant wine with a perfume of apricots and peaches, accompanied by a slight tartness. Its taste has mineral tones which increase with ageing in the bottle.

The Rhine Riesling is also defined the “reddest of the white wines” due to it’s extraordinary ability to age, thanks to its structure and good acidity levels which makes the wine extremely enjoyable for decades.

The Riesling of Maso Bergamini is the result of the union of two harvest – the first in October and the second in late autumn when the first frosts and the good moulds give the grapes an extraordinary aromatic note.