Spumante Trento DOC "Terre Basaltiche"

The Maso Bergamini estate is located in the northern part of the Municipality of Trento, just above the town of Cognola, between the hamlets of Maderno and Moià.

The location is one of a kind, as it is particularly favoured, both geologically and pedologically: indeed, the soil here originated from a local volcanic outcrop of basaltic rocks (giving the name to our wine), which cater for extremely rich and fertile terrains that provide our Spumante with its distinctive mineral character, complexity of taste and longevity.

This area was mentioned by no less than Michelangelo Mariani, esteemed historian and economist, who visited Trento in the XV century; in his Chronicles of the Council of Trento he wrote: “superb are the wines [produced] in the areas of Maderno and Moià”. His testimony bears witness to the great potential our land used to hold even then.

Our Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes are carefully selected from the over 30-year-old vines of our vineyard, providing for a Spumante base wine with great texture and acidity. Our Spumante is bottled for second fermentation (tirage) in the spring following the grape harvest, in line with the traditional method (méthode champenoise), and subsequently stored in underground cellars for its two-year aging. At the end of the aging cycle, disgorging is performed simply by blending our Spumante with our own Chardonnay.

The Maso Bergamini’s Terre Basaltiche has obtained the label of Trento DOC Brut  thanks to its intensity and softness, combined with an exceptional texture, bound to enhance any meal course.