Teroldego is a classic native vine from Trentino which is rumoured to owe it’s name to the ancient German dialect for “Tiroler Gold” – the Gold of the Tirol.

Teroldego is cultivated mainly in the plains of the Trentino Valley (Piana Rotaliana) but Maso Bergamini cultivates it’s Teroldego at the unusual altitude of 550 metres on the slope of Mount Calisio.

The production per hectare is purposely limited – producing only 6 tonnes of grapes per hectare. From this selected production, the wine we obtain is a wine of an extraordinary character with a beautiful ruby to deep purple colour. To the nose our Teroldego offers a scent of violets and ripened red fruits; while in the mouth it leaves a richness of textures and flavours, accompanied by a good sourness typical of mountain wines.

Our Teroldego is enjoyable after a year in the bottle and is certainly able to stand the test of time.