Moscato Rosa

This is a wonderful wine created from the red grapes originating from limited and selected vineyards from Trentino and the South Tirol.

Moscato Rosa, also known as “Moscato of the Roses”,  owes its name to the intense taste of Wild Rose, not to its colour which is usually bright red.

Because of the genetic makeup of Moscato Rosa, the plant’s blossom is prone to floral abortion, caused by problems with the vine’s genetic fertilization. Clusters are therefore sparse with
very little, sweet, seedless grapes.  The yield per hectare for Moscato Rosa is rather low.

The wine has a distinctive bouquet, created by the wide variations in daily temperature that affect our vineyards,  located at an altitude of 550 mt.

The Moscato Rosa grapes are harvested late and left to wither in order to obtain a higher sugar concentration.

The wine is a dark red with aromas of wild rose,
spice and lemon zest. It has a full, harmonic and pleasantly sweet taste. It goes well with desserts.

The wine can age for many years and is the perfect wine for “meditation”.